Lee, Maelee



Doctor's of Art , Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea
1992 Master of Fine Art , Chosun University , Gwangju, Korea
1986 Bachelor of Fine Art , Mokpo National University, Korea

Solo Exhibition
2012 ‘Great Silence' (Space inno-Seoul,Korea)
‘Into Great Silence' (UM Gallery-Seoul,Korea)
'Re-birth' (Unam Gallery-Seoul,Korea)
2011 ‘Mae-lee Lee : Infinite Space’ Chelsea Art Museum
‘Dawn and Space’ FEI Gallery, China
Into the Modern Art - Gwangju Museum of Art
2009 Mae-lee Lee: Feminine and Strong, Chunnam University Library, Gwangju, South Korea
Mae‐lee Lee: Feminine and Strong, Tenri Cultural Institute, New York, USA
Mae‐lee Lee: the Void, Light Gallery, Branch of the Gwangju Museum
of Art, Seoul, South Korea
Mae‐ lee Lee, Art space, Daehakro, Seoul, South Korea
2008 Woo je gill Art Museum Invited Exhibition, Gwangju
2007 Spatial Division - Exhibition for Request of Doctor's Degree at Dept. of Fine Arts, Graduate School of Chosun University
2005 Fine Art Festival, Metro Gallery, Gwangju
Stage-Invited Exhibition by Art Gallery, Beijing, China
2004 Coex Expo of Art and Environment , Seoul, Korea
Beijing International Art Fair, Chinese Trade Center, Beijing
Communication and Desire- Two Artists‘ Invited Exhibition, New York Lab

2002 Injae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea
2001 Nine Gallery, Gwangju, Korea
2000 Dansung Gallery, Gwangju, Korea
1999 Sinsaegae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea

2012 Spoon Art Fair HK12 (Grand Hyatt Hongkong /HongKong)
Hong Kong Contemporary (The Park Lane Hongkong Hotel / HongKong)
2011 'art:gwangju:11' (KimDaeJoong Convention Certre Gwangju, Korea)
2010 KIAF / Korean International Art Fair (Coex-Seoul,South Korea)
Gwangju Art Fair (KimDaeJoong Convention Certre Gwangju, Korea)
2009 Koeln Art Fair (Germany)
Taipei Hotel Art Fair (Taipei)
Art Exhibition of Professors at Dongsin University, Dongsin University, Naju, South Korea
The 2nd Gwangju Artvision "Art‐Epoque" (Biennale exhibition hall Gwangju, South Korea
Gwangju Shinsegae "Sharing Happiness", Loving Neighbors Exhibition
Shinsegae gallery, Gwangju, South Korea
Invitation to Korea Space Exhibition Gwangju design center, Gwangju, South Korea
Deadon Moonhwa, Nine Gellery, Gwangju, South Korea
‘Banner Exhibition of the 2009 Design Biennale’, Gwangju Riverside, Gwangju, South Korea
Art Exhibition of Professors at Mokpo University, U‐Square, Gwangju, South Korea
Garden of the Artist, Paris, France
Running PeopleⅡ Nine Gallery, Gwangju, South Korea
"SOFA" Koex Indian Ocean Hall, Seoul, South Korea
Intellect Openness Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul, South Korea
Mt. Moodeung-Celebrating 45th Anniversary of MBC D Gallery, Gwangju, South Korea
Strange Land, Splendid Life- Invitation to Rasing Maney for Lottery 2009 Desing Center, Gwangfj, South Korea
The Intelligence of an Open Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea
Sale, Sangrok Gallery,Museum ofArt‐Gwangju(Gwangju,Korea)
'PM. 4 of women', MooDeung Gallery, Gwangju. South Korea
'Environment Art Festival', Sangrok Gallery, Museum of Art‐Gwangju
Dongsin university Art Museum open invitation Exhibition, Dongsin
university, Naju. South Korea
"SIPA" Hangaram Museum, Gwangju, South Korea
2008 Korea Nature Arts Festival 2008, Woo Jae Gil Art Museum, Gwangju,South Korea
Korea Space Design Culture Festival 2008, Former Seoul Station, Seoul, South Korea
SIPA, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea
Winter Women's Exhibition, Moodeung Gallery, Gwangju, South Korea
Understanding Humanity, Understanding Art Exhibition, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul South Korea
Moon Rising at Seongchon Village, Gwangju Women’s Art Festival, MooDeung Modern Art Gallery, Gwangju, South Korea
Meeting of Ha Jung Woong’s Heart, Art Gallery at Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea
Art Gallery to Visit, Mokpo City Hall, Mokpo, South Korea
VIEW, MooDeung Art Gallery, Gwangju, South Korea
2007 Synchronism & Harmony‐International Modern Art Gwangju Art Vision, Museum of Art‐Gwangju, South Korea
Art Scene, Museum of Art, Gwangju, South Korea
Gwangju Museum of Art‐Ecole de Mokpo, Gwangju, South Korea
‘Gold Pig’ Exhibition, Gwangju Art Museum Branch, Gwangju
2006 Blue Wave Invited Exhibition, LA, BLUE WAVE Gallery-LA
Invited Exhibition by National Taipei Art College, Reflection: Contemporary Art - Taiwan
Invited Exhibition by National Taiwan Museum, Reflection: Contemporary Art - Taiwan
Extension of International Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Baekmin Musuem, Boseong
Contemporary Art - Epoque Exhibition, Munhwa Gallery, Gwangju
Beyond Fashion-The 100th Anniversary Exhibition of Establishing
Korea-France Relations, Chosun Univ. Museum, Gwangju
Regular Exhibition of Contemporary Artists' Association (Metro Gallery, Gwangju)
MDMI Exhibition - New Copied (Mudeung Gallery, Gwangju)
Beautiful Journey (Chang Gallery, Gwangju)
Museum Cabaret Exhibition (Gwangju Art Museum Branch, Gwangju)
Ecole de Mokpo Exhibition (Chang Gallery, Gwangju)
Pure Spirit Exhibition (Chosun Univ. Museum, Gwangju)
2005 Beijing International Art Camp (suovillge, Beijing)
New Exploration of Contemporary Art Exhibition (Culture & Art Center, Mokpo)
Loss & Acquisition Exhibition (Gwangju City Art Museum, Gwangju)
Monalisa Exhibition (Metro Gallery, Gwangju)
Art, Women's Power Exhibition (Chosun Univ. Gallery, Gwangju)
Pure Spirit (Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea)
Logic and Vision Exhibition (Mokpo, Korea)
World Museum Culture Expo 'Evolution of Vision : Power of Center' Exhibition (KINTEX, Seoul)
Nambu Contemporary Art Festival (Gwangju City Art Museum, Gwangju)
Doctor's Course Exhibition of Chosun University - “Emomental” Exhibition (Chosun Univ. Museum, Gwangju)
Planned Exhibition by Lotte Department Store - “Shocking Shopping” Exhibition (Gwangju)
Korea Youth Art Festival 3040 Exhibition (Metro Gallery, Gwangju)
2005 Beijing International Art Camp (suovillge, Beijing)
Invited Exhibition by Jisan Gallery- MDMI Establishment Exhibition (Gwangju)
2004 Image & Abstraction , Chung Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
Doctor's Course Exhibition of Chosun University - “Pure Spirit” Exhibition (Chosun Univ. Museum, Gwangju)
Nambu Contemporary Art Festival
www. Modern Artist Society
2003 Alternative Exhibition Project - “Private Space” (Gwangju / Philosophy Space Nutinamu, Seoul)
2002 Invited Exhibition by Nagoya University (Nagoya, Japan)
2001 Invited Exhibition by Korean Consulate in Osaka, Japan - Ecole de Mokpo (Osaka, Japan)
2000 Gwangju Biennale - “Forest of Humans & Art”

Member of Korea Fine Arts Association, Korea Space Design Association, Contemporary Artists Association, Ecole de Mokpo, MDMI Lecturer at Mokpo National University, Yeosu Campus of Chonnam National University, Dongshin University