MarchNude of 16people
September Gwangju Biennale (section
November Azit Podar Invitation Exhibit
DecemberYear end exhibiton with 6artists
January Sprit of Korea exhibition
February Beauty of Korea exhibiton
April Small World exhibiton
May Soaring Thirty exhibition
June 3artists Invitation exhibition
July Space special exhibition
August Nature exhibiton September Invitation exhibition : Han Hee Won , Son Ho Geun
OctoberInvitation exhibition : Jang Hyeun Woo
NovemberInvitation exhibition : Seo Nam Su
DecemberInvitation exhibition : Wi Seung Man
January Invitation exhibition : Kang Yeung Keun, Yoo Su Joung
February Solo exhibition : Jung Meung Don
March Kim Ssang Jung engraving exhibition
July Invitation exhibition : Park Tae Hoo
SeptemberSpecial exhibition : Park Su Man, Jun Gyu Bong
October Solo exhibition : Heo Dal Young
NovemberInvitation exhibition : Jin Won Jang, Kim Yeung Hwa,
 Kang Yeon Gyun
February The Question of Eroticism : Kuk Jung Hyo
March Invitation exhibition : Kim Dong Ha, Gwack Duck Jun
April Stop exhibition
May2000 Gwangju Biennale 人+聞 Question
June Solo exhibition : Han Sang Eun
July Invitation exhibition : Lee Jung lyong, Jo Kang Hoon,
 Yu Chang Ho
August Invitation exhibition : Oh I Lang
 Retrospective exhibition : Yang Soo-A
February Solo exhibition : Baek Sun Shill
March Special exhibition : Breaking away, Tasteful
April Invitation exhibition : Han Hee Won
MaySpecial exhibition : Ku Man Cha, Kong Wok Wheo
June Invitation exhibition : Seuk Kang, Goh Geun Ho,
 5 Young Artists
July Special exhibition : The other start
September Solo exhibition : Ryu Yeul Ryul
OctoberInvitation exhibition : Lee Maelee
November Solo exhibition : Ju Jae Hyun, Jung Hwa Man
 Invitation exhibition : Jung Woo Bum
December Special exhibition : Picture and Music exhibition.
February Special exhibition : Min Hyung Ki, Jang Kyeung Su
March Goh Geun Ho, Ju Hong exhibition
April Exhibition : Jang Bock Su, Im Jick Sun
MayInvitation exhibition : Choi Ssang Jung
 Exhibition : Kim Yong Woo
June Invitation exhibition : Choi Hyang, Kim Kang Su
July Invitation exhibition : Yoo Chang Ho, Kim Dong Chul
AugustSolo exhibition : Kim Sun Young, Kim Ill Kyun
 Special exhibition : Im Dock Whack, Ju Hong
SeptemberInvitation exhibition : Kim Yu Mi : Emotional Wave
 Solo exhibition : Song Jin Young
OctoberSolo exhibition : Lee Jung Leuk
 Invitation exhibition : Park So Bin
NovemberSolo exhibition : Seo Kyung Seok
 Invitation exhibition : Kim Young Sam,
 Lee Young Sick, Kim Young Sun
DecemberInvitation exhibition : Kong Ock Hweo,
 Jang Kyeung Sook
MaySpecial exhibition : 10artists of craft
JuneInvitation exhibition : Son Ho Geun
 Solo exhibition : Jung Sun Lee
August Group Sculpture exhibition.
OctoberInvitation exhibition : Park So Bin
 Solo exhibition : Here & Now : Ju la Young
November Solo exhibition : Yoo Sun Tae
December Invitation exhibition : Kang Eun, Oh Lee Lyang
 Solo exhibition : Jung Sun Lee
 Special exhibition : Korean Traditional exhibition
March Exhibition of Sculpture
April Solo exhibition : Park Gu Whan : Wood Cut / Sea of Sound
May Exhibiton for Donation
JuneSolo exhibition : Jung Chun Pyo, Baek Gwang Ick
July Exhibition : Bae Dong Whan
August Invitation exhibition : Han Jong Geun
October Solo exhibition : Kim Jong Kyung
November Solo exhibition : Kim Pyeung Jun , Bang Gae Yang
December Invitation exhibition : Sea Hyeun Sook,
  Yu Yeun Bouk, Hu Im Shim
January Special exhibition : Potential
April Solo exhibition : Millenary of nature : La Gyu Cha
May Invitation exhibition : Kim Dong Ha and Human
JuneSolo exhibition : Anjin Sung “Secret Garden”
 Kang Nam Gu
August Special exhibition : History of people
October Solo exhibition : Byeun Jae Hyun, Jung Myung Don
November Invitation exhibition : Min Kyung Dae
April Special exhibition : Seo Nam Ju
 Solo exhibition : Jo Geun Ho
 Exhibition : Jung Gyu Bong
June Exhibition : Si Ki Mun
July Exhibition : About HONAM
September Korean Gallery Art Fair, Gwangju Biennale
November Solo exhibition : Yoo Su Jong, Kim Do Ki
 Special exhibition : Lee Min Ha
January exhibition : Running People
March Art Expo New York Art Fair
May Invitation exhibition : Kang Tae Woong, Ju la Young
JuneExhibition : Choi Hyang
July Invitation exhibition : Lee Kang Il
September Beijing Art Fair
 Exhibition : Media and imagination
October Korean Gallery Art Fair
 Solo exhibition : Oh Heah Kyung
November Solo exhibition : Jo Seung Ki
 Sanghai Art Fair
 Tokyo Art Fiar
 Invitation exhibition : Ju Hong
December Daegu Art Fair
JuneSeoul Open Art Fair
August Aisa Top Gallery Art Fiar Tokyo
September SIFA
OctoberArt Singapore
 Daegu Art Fair
NovemberTokyo Contemporary Art Fair
MarchInternational Illust Art Fair Taiwain
April Tokyo Art Fair
  Seoul Open Art Fair
 Seoul Art Salon
AugustARTO International Aisan Contemporary Art Fair Busan
September SIFA
October Art Fair International GmbH
November Daegu Art Fair
 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair
August Art Show AEULIM
SeptemberArt Gwangju
OctoberArt Edition 2010
  Art Fair international GmbH Germany
November Doors Art Fair
DecemberArt Miami
FebruaryKorea Galleries Art Fair
MarchAHAF HK / Asia top gallery Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong
  Korean Art Show
July Art Osaka
NovemberArt Fair international GmbH
  Doors Art Fair 2011
  Art Asia Miami
MayYoung Art Taipei
  Hong Kong Contemporary
  Spoon Art Fair
JunArt Show Busan 2012
AugustAsia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Seoul 2012
September Art GwangJu : 2012
NovemberArt Asia Miami
  Doors Art Fair
JanuaryLA Art Show
FebruaryAsia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong
MarchHong Kong Affordable Art Fair
AprilNew York Affordable Art Fair
MayHongKong Contemporary Art Fair
  AIAA in HK
  Invitation Exhibition "The Gift"
JulyArt Hamptons
  Art Osaka