The agonies on the purpose of life have been a subject that perplexed people for several millennia. The cause of the confusion was because the agonies begin from within ourselves. We at times throw questions as follows: ‘What do I mean to become?’, ‘What shall I do?’ or ‘What’s my dream for my purpose, my ambition and my future at last?’. However, if we focus only on ourselves, we cannot find the true purpose of life at all just like a person who keeps running along a rotating plate vainly. The salts contained in the works shown in this exhibition symbolize what our body and mind are supposed to comprehend such as: ‘…love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control….’ Love is the act of emptying myself. Spread your palm that you have been clenching, and New joy and blessings will overflow Just like a water spring that never dries out No matter how much you pump out water from


- Excerpt from Kim Sun-Young’s note







Kim Sun-Young artist forges flat shapes like relief with resin as materials. The shape looks like beoseon Korean traditional socks symbolizing the sexual identity of woman or like a ship a metaphor of life. She also crafts images of handbag or purse. Contained at the top of such images are without exception salts, and here salts are associated with light symbolically. The salt here, is made from marble. In other words, if the light brightens the dark world, the salt purifies it. Underneath her works flows something that represent an image of Christianity along with women’s sexual identity. Particularly so is the soft and amicable mood depicted through materials such as the salmon colored touches as well as beoson, handbag, purse.


- An excerpt from the essay of Koh Chung-Hwan a fine arts essayist